First steps towards a workshop

After a couple of years in our new house we’ve finally unpacked all the boxes that have been sitting in the garage since we moved in.

This has given me the chance to clear some space and begin to arrange my tools into something approaching a useable workshop.

As can be seen from the above photos, there’s still quite a lot of other stuff in there (including a fridge freezer, three bikes and a bunch of stuff I need to list on ebay!), but I’m getting there slowly …

A while ago I fitted some deadbolts to the garage door and disconnected the handle, so it should be relatively secure (not that I have much worth stealing anyway!)

For some reason the previous owner had insulated only the first few feet of the garage roof, however more usefully, they’d fitted a few battens across the flat roof joists (meaning I have somewhere to store bits of timber) and the wall units from an old kitchen to one wall, together with a variety of shelving.

I’ve not really made a start on arranging things yet, beyond screwing a couple of rough wooden shelves to the wall under the kitchen units and putting all my power tools on one and a selection of odds and sods in shoeboxes on the other.

A variety of tools are currently spread on some shelving on the opposite wall. An old chest of drawers will either prove to be useful (perhaps for storing small offcuts, sandpaper etc) or be given to a local charity that refurbishes furniture and sells it.

My plan is to wait and see how I’m using the space before giving anything a permanent home or building a proper workbench, so in the mean time all tasks will need to be performed on two folding workbenches (one from Axminster Tools, the other from Draper) , a Wolfcraft folding power tool table and a couple of folding sawhorses.

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