Power tool roll call

I thought it’d be interesting to list all my power tools in the approximate order in which I got them.

I’ve even managed to track down and link to the manuals for most of them

  • Cordless drill/driver – Black & Decker KC7251CN (7.2V NiCad – not holding a charge too well any more. Not too surprising since I think I got this around 1996!)
  • Jigsaw – Black & Decker KS531 (370W mains – bought unboxed around the same time and still going strong)
  • Circular saw – Bosch PKS46 (750W mains – barely used, in fact I think the Bifold door project was the first time I’d changed the blade!)
  • Cordless drill/driver – Draper 72733 (18V NiCad – also not holding a charge very long, but again hardly suprising)
  • Hammer drill – Axminster AW1050HD (1050W mains – my first Axminster tool and probably the most heavily used so far!)
  • Belt sander – Black & Decker KA85E (600W mains)
  • Orbital sander – Black & Decker KA260GT (170W mains)
  • Orbital sander – Powerbase PB1350S (135W mains)
  • Router – Draper Expert 45368 (1350W mains – this has both plunge and fixed bases)
  • SDS breaker drill – Draper Expert 41684 (1020W mains)
  • Planer – Axminster EHP82 (600W mains)
  • Heatgun – Axminster AWHAG (1600W mains)
  • Random orbital sander – Axminster RAS125 (430W mains)
  • Angle grinder – Axminster AW230AG (2kW mains – I bought this in the sale without any plan to use it but I suspect it’ll come in handy cutting paving slabs etc)

Update: I’ve used this post as the basis of a new page

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