Minor workshop improvements – Overhead power

I often find I have to rearrange a room several times before it works fully, so I’ve not committed myself to any particular layout in the garage yet, other than to improve the existing storage on each side.

When I was cutting down the bifold door I found that with space around the door fairly tight and with protruding clamps, bits of bike etc all over the place I was getting hung up on the power leads of my circular saw or planer a fair bit.

To remedy this I’ve fixed a 4 gang power bar to one of the ceiling joists near the center of the garage:

Photo of the 4 gang power bar

Hopefully this will help prevent the cables snagging so much and also make the workshop a bit safer by keeping the floor clear of cables that I may trip over or damage.

There are three 2 gang sockets in the garage on a long spur, but two of them are hidden behind the fridge freezer, so are currently only useful to power that.

The wiring of the house is somewhat “interesting” – I had an electrician check it out when we bought the place and he fitted a new consumer unit with RCDs and sorted out a few of the more glaring issues, but there are still some somewhat surprising groupings of sockets etc.

At some point we’ll get the house rewired and I’ll probably get a better supply into the garage at that point. I’ll hopefully have come up with a layout that works by that point!

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