First project – Bifold door – Part 3

Following on from Bifold door – Part 2

It’s been a while since I made any progress on this project, but I managed to get a few hours today to finish off the job.

First I drilled the holes for attaching the hinges using my hinge centering drills. This was the first time I’ve used my new cordless drills

Then I hung the door using my door lifter which makes it a much easier job single handed.

With the door hung I marked the height of the existing striker plate on the door, offered up the latch barrel and marked it on the edge of the door.

Then using an appropriately sized spade bit I drilled into the edge of the door to accomodate the latch, then cut a shallow mortice for the face plate using a chisel.

Using another two spade bits I also drilled holes for the spindles for door handles and lock:

With this done I could mount the handles on both sides.

Initially I used one of the drill bits that came free with the new cordless drill, but this didn’t bite in to the door very well (it’s only hardboard!) and then it bent 90 degrees.

That’s not an allen key – it’s a bent drill bit!

I don’t think I’ve ever bent a drill before, although I’ve snapped plenty 🙂

I’ve reused the fittings from the old door for now. They’re not really to our taste and we’ll replace them at some point, but they do the job for now.

The door needs painting, but so does most of the house, so it can wait for now.

View from outside

View from inside

As I’d hoped, hanging the door with the hinges this way round means the door is prevented from folding by the head jamb and the center join is nice and snug now I’ve morticed the hinges.

There are two options for how to open the door. The first is to fold the door back on itself, which leaves the folded door jutting into the room perpendicular to the closed position:

Opened, position 1

Alternative view of bifold bathroom door folded back on itself

Opened, position 1, alternative view

The second is to wrap the door back along the wall, giving a bit more space in the doorway and the room in general, but obstructing access to the towel rail a bit more:

Opened, position 2

It feels good to have finally completed this project 🙂

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1 Response to First project – Bifold door – Part 3

  1. John says:

    This weekend the catch on this door broke and I ended up having to put it in with my shoulder as my wife and daughters were inside at the time!

    I managed to do it without damaging the door, but my eyebrow met the door frame at speed when the door finally gave way, so I wasn’t very happy!

    If I’d fitted it so the hinge went the other way I would have been able to fold it and pop the latch out of the jamb, but I’d probably have fitted a bolt between the two sections to prevent that happening …

    Other than that we’re still very happy with the door. The bathroom feels much less cramped and it still hasn’t sagged as much as I expected (maybe a maximum of 1mm between the two sections of the door).

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