Poll – First machinery

I mentioned previously that I’ve changed my mind about which machinery to buy first.

The more I read and thought about it, the more a bandsaw made sense as the first piece of machinery (rather than power tool) in my fledgling workshop.

A recent comment by OllyPJ also struck a chord – I’ve often fallen into the trap of getting “a full set” of things (whatever those things are) and I’d like to avoid that here, not least because of my very limited space.

Many of my tools are of the “buy cheap, buy twice” class – arguably better than not having the tool at all, but not the tool you’d get if you had a bit more money or time to research.

The options I’m considering are:

One thing that’s hindering me is that I’m not sure how much difference the extra 60mm depth of cut or 50-60mm width of cut between the 250mm Record and the larger 300mm Axminster would make.

I also can’t help thinking that I’d be better off with something small but good (probably the Record) that I can tuck away under a bench when not in use rather than a monolith with its own cabinet etc.

So, with a budget of around £300 and a very small workshop, which bandsaw should I buy?

(Hopefully you should be able to see a poll above here – please comment if not)

After the bandsaw I think a planer thicknesser, dust extraction and a lathe are next and a pillar drill or morticer would be nice to have, so expect more polls on these subjects in future!

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