First (and second!) machinery ordered

After even more reading and some good advice from Olly I have now ordered my first machinery.

In the end it came down to a 3 way fight between the Axminster AWHBS310N at about £380, the Axminster AWHBS350N at about £430 and the Record Power BS250 at about £230.

I flip-flopped several times when trying to decide, but in the end I went for the smaller option from the (hopefully) better brand and ordered the Record Power BS250.

I also considered the Record Power BS300E and the Record Power 350S, and I almost talked myself into them both, but I ended up deciding that if I was going to spend £500 I’d rather have two machines than one … so I also ordered a Record Power DP58B bench drill! (Well, if I’m going to be able to make nice neat tenons I’ll need to be able to make nice mortices to put them in! 😉 )

I think the combination of pillar drill and bandsaw is a better use of my money than a (larger) bandsaw alone – as my Dad reminded me, “you’re not trying to outfit a professional furniture making business – it’s a home workshop”.

I may regret the lack of capacity (notably the 120mm max depth of cut), but at the moment I can’t see any need to cut more than 4 inch timber.

The current plan is to mount them to wood/MDF bases with battens underneath and clamp the batten in the jaws of one of my folding workbenches, as per this page.

I’m hoping they’ll be delivered later this week or early next … I can’t wait! 🙂

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