First machinery – back to the drawing board

After my initial but aborted attempt at buying machinery I have had a bit of a rethink about the order and the manufacturers of the machinery I want to add to my workshop.

I had slight buyers remorse about ordering a small (250mm throat, 120mm depth of cut) bandsaw like the Record Power BS250 and I think I may well end up taking Olly’s advice and buying a larger one after all, so I’ve decided to wait until I am considering a project that actually needs a bandsaw, rather than buying it with the expectation that it would be better than either my jigsaw or my circular saw mounted in my power tool table.

I don’t think I’ll be able to justify the cost of the larger Record Power models, so I may end up looking at Axminster’s own again.

I’m also unsure whether a planer-thicknesser would be more use than a bandsaw at this point – I had been considering using a router with a spiral cutter for planing, but the more I thought about it the more I worried that I’d be unable to create an adjustable fence which worked in this mode.

I’m wondering whether I should keep things simple for my first attempt at a router table and just aim for normal a split fence. Perhaps I’ll make two different outfeed sections (one 1mm thicker than the other) or come up with a system for shimming the outfeed or something …

To mollify my unsated consumer urges I’ve ordered a few bits and bobs from Axminster, including a glue bottle set that is much cheaper than the equivalent item in Rutlands’ sale and a few toggle clamps for eventual use on my router table/fence/jigs, which seem to be cheaper at Axminster than anywhere else.

If they’d had the radial drill in stock when I ordered I may well have bought that too, so it’s probably best that I have a bit more time to think about my options!

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