Projects – Router Table – (lack of) progress update

I’m ashamed to say I’ve made absolutely no progress on this project in nearly a month since Part 1.

I’d like to be able to blame it on something – perhaps the fact that I’ve been really busy at work, or the 1/2″ T-slot track from Rutlands being out of stock and the despatch date changing from the 20th of March to the 17th of April 😦 – but in all honesty I can’t – I just tend to procastinate when I’m not 100% sure of the way forward.

I had been thinking about a split fence design that would allow me to use the router as a planer with a spiral upcut bit, with each half of the fence (or at least the outfeed side) moveable to adjust the depth of cut, but I think the degree of adjustability required is probably a bridge too far for my current skill level so I’ll stick to a regular split fence design.

I may still build it so it’s possible to shim the outfeed slightly, or perhaps even build a slightly thicker outfeed, but the pressure to use it as a planer has been removed, as I’ve just ordered an 8″ benchtop planer thicknesser (I’ll post about that once I actually have it – don’t want to jinx it!)

My current thinking is:

  1. Create a platform between the front and back tool racks (mounted low down on the legs) of the folding workbench to mount the scissor jack on. I’m not sure how I’ll fix the jack down – I’ll probably either drill and screw its base to the platform or build a low fence round the base so it can’t slip sideways
  2. Create a clamp to hold the router (probably two blocks of wood with a semicircle cut out of each and a hinge holding them together, like a design I saw in Jigs & Fixtures for the Table Saw & Router) and a structure to link the clamp to the top of the jack
  3. Build a vertical structure off the platform to either just below the jaws of the workbench or flush with the top of the jaws (so it can be fixed by clamping the jaws shut on it)
  4. Build the table out of two pieces of 18mm MDF laminated together. I’m not sure how to fix this to the workbench yet – I’ll either fit some blocks that can be gripped in the jaws or perhaps drill some holes through the lower piece before laminating so I can fit 18mm dowels which locate into the dog holes. I’m also not yet sure what I’ll do about laminating the top
  5. Build the split fence. I think a single base piece spanning both sides of the table with t-slot allowing adjustment of the two side sections is the way forward here and I like the designs where the center section is higher to support vertical planks (something like the one on this table)

I’ll need to be careful not to enclose the router too much and risk it overheating and I’ll also need to consider both in fence and under table dust extraction.

I’m still hesitant to start building the table or fence without the t-slot track, so for now I’ll focus my efforts on the lift mechanism.

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