Delivery day

Today has been a good day for deliveries.

First was the Garden Buildings Manual from Amazon.

I’m sure I could find all the information I need from this book online, but working with computers all day means the last thing my eyes want to see at the end of the day is another screen. (The only exception to this is the Kindle, which I find to be just as easy on the eyes as reading ink on paper).

Then came the more exciting one – raw materials from Wenban Smith:

  • two 8’x4′ sheets of 19mm oak veneered MDF
  • a 50m roll of 22mm oak veneer
  • 2.4m of 6″x1″ oak

I had hoped I would be able to rip the MDF roughly to size for the living room storage project immediately (being a relatively simple box shape, I think this is the best project to begin with), but the wife and I haven’t found any boxes we both like to act as drawers and without their dimensions I can’t progress.

If we don’t get some dimensions soon I’ll have to bite the bullet and jump straight into the TV stand project, with its more complex triangular shape …

In the mean time I plan to dig out one of my many offcuts of MDF at the weekend and play about with the various joint options (biscuits, dowels and housing joints).

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4 Responses to Delivery day

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  3. John says:

    Hi Olly,

    One sheet was £45.12 + VAT (so £54.14).

    I had been planning to buy one 19mm and one 12mm (or was it 13mm with the veneer? I can’t remember), but when I got a quote, the 19mm was a couple of pounds cheaper than the 12mm so I didn’t bother.

    The chap at Wenbans tells me this is because they sell much more of the 19mm so they can buy in greater bulk.


  4. Sounds like we’re getting close to the exciting part now, John! 🙂

    How much did a single sheet of 18mm veneered MDF cost?

    I’m contemplating the practicalities of making a tallboy or chest of drawers using this. I’ve been looking for one either second hand or on Freecycle (solid wood, preferably) but without much luck. So, I may have to reconsider making my own.

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