Metal butchery – Bar clamp fettling

A little while ago I bought some Dakota light bar clamps from Rutlands.

I’ve yet to use them, but I think they’ll come in handy on the living room storage and TV stand projects, which I hope to begin soon.

Their bars are made from aluminium and the heads are iron and one jaw of the head moves up and down the bar, fixing by means of a sprung catch that locates into little D shaped holes in the bar.

These catches are fairly roughly cast and some had a 1-2mm step between the left and right half of their face.

Catch on bar clamp before filing

This step causes a corresponding dent in the holes in the bar. The clamps came with their jaws tightly clamped shut to each other, so the top notch/hole in each bar looks like this:

The damage to the bar of the clamp caused by the stepped catch

Whilst this probably would’t affect the effectiveness of the clamp much, I don’t like to see such rough workmanship so I’ve filed the catches down flat:

Catch on bar clamp after filing down flat

I don’t have many metalwork tools and in fact only have one full sized file, but that (a half round – I figured if I was only going to have one at first then versatility was the name of the game) has paid for itself many times over.

I’ve not had much free time to spend in the workshop this weekend due to various family and social commitments, but I feel better for having knocked another little job off my never ending todo list…

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