Open clamp surgery

I broke one of my quick clamps yesterday when I was clamping a piece of MDF to one of my folding workbenches.

As I was squeezing the “trigger” it suddenly went slack and wouldn’t spring open any more. I also noticed that a bit of the plastic handle had cracked and was hanging off.

They’re only cheap no name ones, but they’re useful and give a good grip, so I thought I’d take it apart and see whether there was anything I could do to fix it.

Internals of quick grip bar clamp

Quick bar clamp internals

With the side unscrewed (5 screws in total) I could see inside. It was apparent that the end of the trigger had slipped past the end of the metal bars which jam on the bar of the clamp, so I reset it and tried squeezing the clamp:

As can be seen, in this last photo, the trigger is not actually broken, but the fact that the case of the clamp has broken means there’s no longer anything to stop it going past the two bars.

I superglued the broken piece of case back in position and to give it a better chance of holding I also glued other side of the broken piece before screwing the side back on, so it’ll be supported on both sides now rather than just one.

Broken quick bar clamp after glueing

I obviously won’t find it so easy to open the clamp up again, but since this was the first time I’ve needed to do it in several years I’m happy to take that risk! 🙂

I’m obviously not the first person to have to fix this sort of clamp, as this post from UKWorkshop in 2006 shows.

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