A few days ago I got the best sort of new toy in the mail – both useful and free!

I pointed out that the Twitter contact details on the NMA Tools website were incorrect and a nice man there called Simon very kindly sent me a Scheppach branded digital goniometer to thank me. (They’ve not updated the details to reflect that they are @NMA_TOOLS, not @NMA yet, but I’m sure they will soon).

Update 14/08/2012: I’ve noticed the link on their site now uses the correct name but the graphic still shows @NMA

Scheppach digital goniometer and complements slip

In our email exchange, Simon told me I’d be surprised how much I used it, but since most pictures of Goniometers that I’ve seen have had them attached to the blade of a table saw, I must confess I did wonder.

I was wrong to doubt him though, as it’s already proved its worth checking the table of my planer-thicknesser.

Goniometer on infeed table with 0.0 degree reading


I mentioned in my review of the SIP 01552 that I had difficulty getting the fence exactly square to both tables simultaneously and based on my eye alone it looked like both tables were aligned nicely, so I was blaming the fence mounting.

However the goniometer tells me the infeed and outfeed differ by 0.2 degrees!

Goniometer on outfeed table with 0.2 degree reading


I’m not sure what (if anything) I’ll do about this, as I don’t think the table is adjustable, and in any case the resultant cut is nice and square.

View down the table to the goniometer

The goniometer comes with two CR2032 batteries included (only one is required to power it, so one is spare) and a soft “leather like” case.

It’s incredibly simple to use – turn it on using the on/off button, place it on the reference surface (in my case the infeed table), wait for the readout to settle and press the zero button.

The goniometer can then be moved to the other surface and the reading will give the angle in 10th of degrees and an indication of the direction with an up or down arrow.

There are 3 magnets on the base for attachment to blades, fences etc, but since the table and fence of my planer-thicknesser are aluminum I’ve not used them yet.

What a useful little tool!

I may repay Simon’s kindness soon as I’m leaning towards the Scheppach Basato 3-H bandsaw …

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