Projects – TV stand – Part 3

Following on from Part 2

After the amount of tearout encountered when cross cutting the veneered MDF for the side and rear panels, I knocked up a zero clearance base for my circular saw as tearout would be much harder to hide on the top and shelves, particularly at the open front.

Ply zero clearance base on Bosch PKS46 circular saw

I also decided to try to do something about the amount of dust which had spewed out of the saw onto the drive when I cut the side and rear panels.

I found a second broken Dyson hose and various fittings intended to fit the broken off end of the hose.

One of them could be wedged into the open end of the hose and the other into the extraction outlet of the saw. I wrapped the whole lot up in gaffer tape, which ensured a good push fit into the saw.

Bosch PKS46 circular saw with ply zero clearance base connected to Dyson

Having two hoses means I don’t need to worry about switching between circular saw and router (where the broken end of the hose fits nicely round the outside of the extraction outlet).

The difference these two modifications to the saw made is amazing – the extraction is incredibly efficient (which I didn’t expect it to be when combined with the zero clearance base) and the base results in a much neater cut even without scoring or masking tape on the line of the cut.

Swan edges of veneered MDF

I’d made a cardboard template of the top while the sides were dry fit together and after discussing possible overhangs with my wife we decided on 1cm.

(It hopefully gives a bit of a margin for error if I’ve got the template or my reckoning wrong, as I could always run a bearing guided cutter round the sides and rear to true things up)

My wife very kindly helped me lift the 8′ x 4′ sheet of 19mm veneered MDF onto the workbenches for cutting, which made it a lot easier than last time (I still want to make one of these though).

I realised that not even my 1.27m guide clamp would be long enough to guide the saw on the diagonal cut, so I clamped my 2m level to two areas of the MDF that would end up being offcuts, meaning I didn’t need to worry about marking them.

BMI 2m level clamped to veneered MDF as a guide for a circular saw

Making the zero clearance base took up most of my free time today so I only made a single cut before packing up again!

I’ll try to get a bit more work done on the top tomorrow – I need to square the two 45 degree corners and rout the groove for the rebated tops of the side and rear panels to locate into.

I’ll then move onto cutting the two shelves and routing out housings in the side and rear panels for them to locate into

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2 Responses to Projects – TV stand – Part 3

  1. Another day and more good progress. You must be chuffed with the perfect cuts you’ve achieved on the veneered board, I wasn’t sure it would work quite that well!

    Thanks for the link to the panel-lifting device. I’d not seen that before. πŸ™‚

    • John says:

      Hi Olly,

      I’m very surprised at how well that went – in fact I’m suspiscious that it all went rather too well and I half expect to find I stuffed up the template/measurement! πŸ™‚

      I really like the look of the panel trolley, particularly the way it can be used flat or open. I think I’ll add that to the to do list when I get a bandsaw …


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