Delivery day again

Today was the day Rutlands claimed my already delayed order of 1/2″ T-slot track (ordered on 26/02/2012) would be delivered (well actually their mail claimed that today would be the delivery date, but elsewhere in the mail seemed to say this might be the date they received it on).

When I received no dispatch notification last night I emailed to check and despite them claiming previously that the delivery date could only be pushed back once, they’ve pushed it back again!

This time they say I will receive the track around the 1st or 2nd of May.

You may have noticed I removed Rutlands from the retailer links in the side bar a while ago. This is because although they are often quite good for price, I’m becoming increasingly fed up with their ability to actually deliver what you order and no longer feel I can recommend them.

Once again Axminster have illustrated why they have such a great reputation for customer service – all items claimed in stock on their website were dispatched around 5pm last night and arrived with me well packaged and undamaged about 10am this morning!

Axminster order including router cutters, lapping fluid, planer blade hone etc

If only they stocked everything I tend to want from Rutlands (in particular the Rockler range, including bench cookies) then I wouldn’t have to use anyone else!

Once again the full list from Axminster was:

I’ll hopefully find a bit of time later to test out the lemon oil on an offcut of veneered MDF…

Update 01/05/2012: I’ve just received notification that the second batch of t-slot track has now shipped from Rutlands, so I may yet receive it tomorrow as per their last mail

Update 03/05/2012: No such luck – after some chasing, Rutlands claim I should receive it tomorrow (04/05/2012)

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