In case anyone was wondering about the lack of progress updates, I’ve just returned from a weeks holiday in Norfolk.

The only remotely woodwork related part of the holiday was a trip to Blythe & Wright in Sheringham.

Whilst officially an ironmongers it’s one of those wonderful shops that seems to sell “everything from a pin to an elephant” as my mum says – including a large selection of wood, tools, paint, hardware etc.

I was quite tempted to buy one of the Fox pillar drills they had on sale, but there was absolutely no chance I could have fitted it into the car!

Fox pillar drills in Blythe and Wright, Sheringham, Norfolk

It was nice to see them up close all the same 🙂

After playing with the larger of the bench mounted models (which is the size I think I’ll get most benefit from without taking up too much precious space) I got the impression that the rack and pinnion for the table adjustment wasn’t particularly well made.

The mechanism had quite a bit of play, which manifested itself via a stiff, notchy feel when winding up or down.

I’m still leaning towards the Axminster Bench Radial Drill, but I think I’ve got a few more months before I need to make a final decision, as what with the battering my credit card took this week I won’t be able to afford any major purchases for a while 😦

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