Timewarp happy ending

In February I saw an interesting post on the UK Workshop forums describing a complete “timewarp” workshop pretty much as it had been from pre 1933 to 1994 (there are loads of photos and information in this thread).

It contained a large amount of Wadkin belt powered woodworking machinery which had been used for some fairly large scale woodwork.

I really love old machinery (woodwork or otherwise), so I was hoping there’d be a happy ending and there has!

Today I caught up with the thread and it seems the entire workshop has been purchased and transfered to a workshop where they will be kept together and used to create some rather nice looking (if rather outside my price range) workbenches.

I must say I wasn’t expecting an ending quite as happy as this – I thought at best perhaps they’d be preserved in a museum, or maybe split up and converted to run on electricity, but to have them together and in daily use is SO much better.

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1 Response to Timewarp happy ending

  1. Thanks, John. I missed the update to this on the forum and had no idea that Richard was up and blogging (I know he’s been meaning to do it for some time).

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