Dust strategy update

Following on from initial thoughts

The price of the 3M Filtrete FAP03 Air Purifier dropped from £177 to £125 so I ordered one for the house.

The plan is to have an MC760 in the workshop, backed up with this hopefully catching any dust I walk in with me on my clothes etc.

I often leave a few things I would like to buy but don’t need immediately in my Amazon basket as they notify you of price changes every time you visit, meaning you can take advantage of any major price drops.

It’s perhaps a little out of sequence but that was quite a compelling drop, so I took advantage of it and saved myself £50 in the longer term.

It may not have much effect on the invisible dust (it claims to be capable of trapping particles down to 0.1 microns electrostatically, but the filter is much coarser than that and one review suggests it may leak a bit) but if nothing else it’ll hopefully help with the very visible dust from our pet and child infested home! 🙂

Update 15/05/2012: The Filtrete arrived today and I can see why the review suggested it may leak!

The filter is held loosely in place by a clip on panel that is hinged at the bottom and I suspect the seal it forms on the inlet is useless as a result.

Filter holding arrangement for 3M FAP03

I think if I was planning to use it in the workshop I’d tape round the edge of the filter to the body of the machine to at least help seal the gaps.

The speed is controlled by rotating a dial in the center of the outlet and LEDs on this dial also display speed and filter status information.

Control dial of Filtrete FAP03 showing LEDs

On its lowest setting it’s nice and quiet. One review says it uses 250W but I suspect that’s on the highest setting – on the lowest setting I see something between 50W and 70W.

Update 17/05/2012: I have now returned this item to Amazon. I do not consider it fit for purpose.

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