Another unproductive weekend

Family time

This is set to be another unproductive, but relaxing weekend.

Work is pretty hectic and stressful at the moment, so I’m not seeing as much of my family as I would like.

Today was such a lovely day that we’ve had a nice lunch in the garden then spent the afternoon wandering around the countryside near where we live.

Tomorrow we’re seeing family so I doubt I’ll get anything done then either, then I’m working in London every day next week so I’ll be home too late to make a start on anything significant.

Furniture projects (lack of) progress update

Hopefully I’ll get some time and nice weather next weekend to progress the TV stand or Living room storage projects.

My wife got some boxes for the latter project, so the dimensions can now be played with to get something that fits both the boxes and the space.

Dual purpose table

I’ve also had some thoughts on whether it would be possible to build a dual purpose router table and pillar drill table.

Given the lack of available space in the workshop it might be nice (I think there’s scope for a dual purpose flat surface that either fits over the table of my radial drill and my folding workbench as a router table.

A removable center section (possibly circular, possibly a rectangle with rounded corners) could have inserts for both routing and drilling (the latter would be sacrifical blocks).

I suspect once I think it through a little more I might realise there’d be too many compromises to make the table effective in either role, or maybe the table would be too big for the drill, or just that I’d be swapping the table between workbench and drill so much I may as well just have two!

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2 Responses to Another unproductive weekend

  1. If I understanding your dual-purpose table plan correctly then, my first concern is that the thickness of the pillar drill’s table would severely limit the plunge depth on the router.

    Having you considered a simple router table top that is hinged off the end of side of a bench? It could fold away for storage though, I can’t remember how others support them in use (Mike Garnham has one in his workshop, if you can find anything on one of the forums).

    • John says:

      Hi Olly,

      I didn’t explain it very well – I’m thinking about a knock down router table (a set of panels and a table top that fit on and under one of my folding workbenches) where the table top could also fit the top of my pillar drill table.

      I think the key would be whether the structure I’ve got in mind for the underside of the router table top would be compatible with the size and shape of the drill table.

      I think I’ll make a start on the router table first (now I finally have all the T track) and if I can fit it to the drill without too many compromises then so much the better 🙂


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