Sack truck/trolley – Part 1

The other day I saw something on a local Facebook selling group that caught my eye:

Black & Decker sack truck upright

It was apparent from the listing that it was a bit battered and rusty, but I’ve been thinking about getting something similar for a while and as it was only £8 I thought I’d take a punt.

It’s made by Black & Decker (having Googled I believe its full title is the “Black & Decker A9085 Tough Truck“).

I’ve since seen one of a slightly different design and in much better condition listed on eBay for £20, which has a wooden deck fitted.

It can be used upright as a sack truck or laid down onto a second castored pair of wheels as a trolley:

Black & Decker sack truck/trolley in trolley mode

There is a long handle for trolley mode that is folded away in sack truck mode, and which from the photos I’d assumed locked into place vertically for trolley mode, but in fact can rotate the full 180+ degrees from folded to sticking out in front:

Black & Decker sack truck/trolley in trolley mode

I’m in two minds about whether being able to lock it in a vertical (or slightly forward of vertical) position would be useful – I suspect I’ll find out when I first use it 🙂

There is a sticker claiming a maximum load of 100kg, which is a useful capacity. I’ll be interested to see whether this applies to sack truck mode if I ever get a 90kg bandsaw or even a 150kg one

On closer inspection most of the rust is just superficial. I’ll probably sand it down and spray it at some point.

One of the mounting points for a castored wheel (used in trolley mode) is a bit bent, probably due to a very heavy load, as the steel seems pretty strong and I can’t bend it back by hand – it’ll probably take quite a bit of brute force and ignorance with a lump hammer! 🙂

There are a few things to do before it’s perfect:

  • Sand down and treat all the rusty bits and respray the whole thing
  • Bend the mounting point for one of the castored wheels back into place
  • Build a wood or MDF deck to add flexibility in trolley mode
  • Look into how I could lock the trolley handle in the vertical position if I wanted to
  • Find a permanent home for it – it’s currently cluttering up the workshop!
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