Another lack of progress report

Another two weekends have passed with no progress on any of my projects 😦

Last weekend I had to look after the kids for the whole 4 days while my wife studied.

This weekend a combination of bad weather and family commitments have meant I’ve not had a chance to do anything and I fear the next few weekends will be more of the same 😦

About the only workshop related thing that’s happened is giving the blue high chair that was being stored in the garage to a friend!

The garage is looking pretty cluttered at the moment with both folding workbenches set up with the planer-thicknesser and drill press on them, plus the pallet and box from the drill press still lying around.

I also still need to get rid of the hob extractor, which failed to find a buyer on eBay.

Maybe I’ll put a decent filter in it and use it under a sanding table if I can’t find someone who wants it!

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