Upgrading the Microclene MC760 – Part 2

Following on from Part 1

This morning the F9 filters from Jasun Filtration arrived (part number UPC911212).

They’re folded paper filters in a plastic frame (there is a galvanised frame option, but plastic is cheaper and less likely to scratch the paint of the MC760).

The front panel (clamped on with two screws, one either side) has a large recess that fits over the body of the MC760:

MC760 open with standard G4 filter

As expected the Jasun filter fits nicely inside the front panel, on top of the G4 filter supplied with the MC760:

MC760 open with Jasun F9 filter

Because the filters are 25mm thick the MC760 doesn’t locate as deeply into the front panel as before:

MC760 with supplied G4 filter and Jasun F9 fitted - side view

I think doing this has introduced a few potential leaks, as the front panel no longer overlaps the MC760 as much, so I will probably seal the Jasun filter to the body of the MC760 with duct tape before use.

Microclene MC760 with supplied G4 filter and Jasun F9 filter - front view

The only visible difference is the slight additional depth and the G4 filter bulging out a little more.

In use the difference in air flow is detectible with a hand held and the G4 filter is prevented from being sucked into the body of the fan, as happens without the F9 filter fitted.

This is down to the F9 filter behind it leaving nowhere to go rather than the difference in pressure 🙂

Having sealed the F9 filter to the MC760 with duct tape I’ve now used the filter for the first time and it seems to work nicely.

F9 filter sealed to MC760 with duct tape

I’ve left it running for now (I think I’ll need to figure out a way of leaving it on for a couple of hours without needing to remember to turn it off again 🙂 )

Microclene MC760 air filter with G4 and F9 filters fitted and sealed with duct tape

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3 Responses to Upgrading the Microclene MC760 – Part 2

  1. Mark Roper says:

    Hi there,

    I have only just come across your excellent write up. I appreciate this was many years ago now however I was wondering if the extra filter upgrade made much of a difference with filtration or performance.

    Many thanks

    • John says:

      Hi Mark,

      It certainly didn’t seem to make much difference to the suction/airflow but unfortunately I moved house shortly afterwards, so I didn’t get to make much dust.

      It’s now in storage (allong with all the rest of my workshop) awaiting another home.

      I’m hopeful I might get somewhere this year …


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