Procrastination and Philosophy

I’ve not been making any progress on any of my projects recently.

There are a number of factors that are contributing to this (other than chronic procrastination):

  • I am very busy at work and there’s no sign of any respite (if anything it’s getting busier!)
  • I’ve been working in the London offices more than usual recently, which means I spend 4 hours a day travelling, on top of the time I spend in the office (7.5 hours minimum) and get home too late to make noise or too tired to do anything but vegetate in front of the telly
  • I have a wife and two young daughters and time with them is precious
  • Recently we seem to have had family or social commitments every weekend
  • Even when I do find a spare hour or two I often don’t feel like making a start on a project, as I know I won’t be able to progress very far before having to stop again

It’s been rather discouraging, but there are some positives that I need to remember:

  • I’m lucky to have a family, employment and a workshop
  • I’m still able to find time to read about various aspects of woodworking (either on the train or when I’m struggling to wind down and sleep after work)
  • I’m able to add tools, books and materials to my workshop for a rainy day (although it sometimes seems I’m simply stockpiling things to use once I retire!)
  • I’m making slow progress on clearing out the garage (I’ll be getting shot of some more obsolete computer hardware on Monday, which will free up about 6 cubic feet of space)
  • This is a hobby and meant to provide an enjoyable way of unwinding from the stresses of work – if I start viewing it as a chore then I’ve missed the point …
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