A bit of a clear out

Tomorrow a computer recycling company are coming to relieve me of a few obsolete computers and hard drives that I’ve had for years and have been putting off getting rid of because they’re “too good to throw away” but have zero value other than as scrap metal.

120kg of obsolete computer equipment

Altogether they weigh around 120kg and I’d buried them in the very back corner of the garage, so I had quite a job to get them out (the sack truck/trolley came in handy here) and the small pallet from my drill press came in handy to keep them off the concrete floor by the door.

Pretty much everything in this picture is destined to go at some point:

Various things ready to leave the workshop

  • the trolley on the right is for sale
  • the plastic boxes at the bottom of the pile on the left contain stuff for donation to charity shops and will be thrown out afterwards as they’re badly cracked & broken
  • the big white box contains dust extraction hoses, blast gates etc.
  • the brown box has some odds and sods in and will be thrown away soon
  • the blue thing poking out of the top box is a child seat awaiting fitting to my bike
  • behind the stack of boxes is the old computer equipment
  • to the left under the roll of carpet is where the family bicycles currently live

I’m thinking of making a low shed – possibly a lean to – in the garden to store the bikes in and free up space in the garage.

I’ve moved the stack of boxes and old door from beside the fridge freezer to behind it and this has (although it doesn’t look like much) freed up quite a bit of space.

More space in the garage (believe it or not!)

Once all the stuff by the garage door is gone I’ll be able to swing a cat!

Garage workshop waiting for removal of various stuff

Update 18/06/2012: A slight improvement now the computers have gone:

More space after the computers were collected

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