Most expensive machinery yet!

I’ve been thinking for a while about getting a Worksharp WS3000 for my workshop.

It looks like a good solution – Olly certainly likes it – and it seems to have a lot of nice features.

Rutlands had one of their almost perpetual sales on, but their website was broken all weekend, so I was prevented from even adding it to my basket. With the Worksharp denied to me I did a bit more thinking and research.

Being able to sharpen the blades from my planer thicknesser would be nice and one day I want to get a small lathe and start turning, which obviously requires sharp tools. I’d also like to sort out my lawnmower blades!

None of these jobs look like being particularly easy with the WS3000 – I found this page about sharpening gouges on the WS3000, but not much about sharpening blades wider than 3 inches (which is the maximum with the wide blade attachment)

I was also a little concerned by reports of the amount of dust generated by the WS3000 so I looked again at the alternatives, in particular the options involving slow speed and water cooling and the name that kept coming up was Tormek.

There are of course alternatives – Axminster have the Jet wetstone system and Rutlands have a Dakota equivalent (currently on sale, of course!)

I found a short group test of the Worksharp, Jet, Tormek and Grizzly, watched several YouTube videos and read numerous other reviews, forum posts etc.

I liked the look of the accessory kits that are available (at the time of writing there’s a hand tool kit and a woodturner’s kit)

The only thing that was putting me off was price – Axminster bundle both kits with the T7 for nearly £810 and the SVH 320 planer knife jig for nearly £150.

After a quick search I found that D&M Tools have the same package on promotion for just under £680 and the SVH 320 for just under £130.

At current pricing that means for the same price Axminster want for the T7 and both kits I could get the T7, both kits and the planer knife jig from D&M.

I’d just received word at work that I was getting a small bonus this year, so I’ve spent it! 🙂

I paid an extra £5 for next day delivery and at 9:45am I’ve already received notification that it’s shipped.

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2 Responses to Most expensive machinery yet!

  1. Hi John,

    I still wouldn’t swap my WS3000 for anything right now but, the ability to sharpen planer blades on the Tormek is very tempting. Some people claim they’re messy, with the water involved but, I’m sure there are ways to control that, if it is an issue.

    Spending your annual bonus before it’s in your account – I think that means you’ve already been bitten by the woodworking bug!! ;-D

    • John says:

      Hi Olly,

      Yes I certainly have 🙂 – I just need to find the time and motivation to actually use all the kit I’m buying …


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