Clutter clutter everywhere

A number of things have conspired recently to make the workshop in my single garage a lot messier than usual:

  • I’ve been buying tools and machinery (and even a dust extraction kit!) but not finding them a permanent home
  • My wife bought some rush boxes for the living room storage project in a sale and I’ve not even started it yet!
  • My mother-in-law is moving to our town soon, so there’s a lot of my wife’s stuff from the loft at her mum’s needing to be sorted through and disposed of
  • There’s also a bunch of stuff my wife’s bought her mum for the new house that will have to stay here until the move
  • Our eldest daughter has grown out of her bike and scooter but we’re keeping them for the younger one
  • We’re waiting for our youngest to grow out of her first car seat so we can sell the whole travel system of pram, push chair and car seat together

In addition to all the above I still have a few things I need to sell/freecycle and the 3 bikes and sack truck/trolley are still here, along with some camping furniture, the fridge freezer and some beer!

Quite a mess – not the worst it’s been, but close!

A lot of the clutter will sort itself out (some when mum-in-law moves, others when my wife or I sell/freecycle it).

We took the camping furniture to a party yesterday and I got away with putting it all in the “conservatory” (think knackered lean-to greenhouse!) upon our return, so that freed up a little space!

I’m working from home today so I spent half an hour at lunch time tidying the shed in an effort to free up some space to relocate something (anything!) from the garage.

I stupidly didn’t take a “before” photo (believe me it was a total mess!), but the after looks like this:

View from outside the shed

View inside the shed

For now I’ve just rehomed the sack truck/trolley …

… but I’m wondering whether I could fit a bike or two in there too, or at least the bike and scooter we’re saving for our younger daughter.

I was reminded that there are some matching kitchen units to the ones in the garage at the back of the shed and I’m wondering about moving them into the workshop to free up even more space for bikes etc.

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