As I mentioned in my initial post about the Tormek, pretty much the only accessories I didn’t buy but am likely to want to add were the DBS-22 drill bit sharpening attachment and the RB-180 rotating base.

(I have a habit of buying pretty much all available accessories with any new purchase, as I’ve been stung a few times by them being no longer produced/available when I actually need them)

After using it for the first time and struggling to switch between grinding towards and away from the edge with a full water reservoir I ordered the rotating base and it arrived today.

Tormek RB-180 rotating base

A light coloured catch locks the base at the towards and away from edge positions

Tormek RB-180 rotating base rotated slightly

The base is a lot sturdier than I expected (I must confess I was a bit worried as it looks relatively thin plastic in the photos) and rotates smoothly even with the weight of the T7 on it.

Tormek T7 on RB-180 rotating base

Tormek T7 on RB-180 rotating base

Tormek T7 on RB-180 rotating base

Tormek T7 on RB-180 rotating base

I’m not convinced it’s worth the £35 I paid for it, but it will certainly be handy to be able to switch between the two faces of the Tormek so easily (for one thing I’ll now be able to start and stop it without having to reach over/round when wanting to use it with the power switch side away from me).

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