A bit less clutter

As I was working from home today I was able to do a few odd jobs during my keyboard breaks. Most notably I did a bit of decluttering in the garage.

Until yesterday (when we returned them) we had my mother-in-law’s cats staying with us durin her house move and their empty cat carriers were cluttering up the garage, along with a booster seat and a fireguard purchased for her new house.

Now they’ve gone there’s a little bit more space and I’ve also evicted the blue plastic sledge (it’s gone to live in the shed).

Single garage workshop full of clutter


Still cluttered but slightly better

There’s not a huge difference to the before and after photos above, as the before is also before the cats took up residence, but believe me it’s a lot emptier! 🙂

There are three big changes I need to make:

Re-home the bikes

I’d like to move them back to the shed, but there isn’t currently room. They lived in there after we moved in but due to the old kitchen units at the end of the shed they had to go diagonally across the shed and there was no room for the mower and barbecue and they were relocated 😦

I think if I remove the old kitchen units from the back of the shed I can probably fit all the bikes in down one side and the mower and bbq can live on the other side.

I’ll also need to install a ground anchor before I do that though, so I can lock everything down securely.

Sell the pushchair

This is part of a travel system – the pushchair is currently in the garage, the pram base is hiding under my daughter’s cot and the car seat is still in use.

Hopefully my daughter will grow out of the car seat soon and we can sell the entire system together (this will also mean the next size up car seat can move out of the office/play room!)

Sell the other stuff

I freely admit that I’m a bit of a hoarder – I find it hard to part with things, even when they’re totally obsolete or I have no further use for them.

Luckily there’s a local Facebook group where people buy, sell and give away items and I’m sure I’ll find takers for some of the things I need to get rid of, which include:

  • A Draper spirit level (no longer needed as I have a full set of BMI ones)
  • A drill stand (I think it’s the predecessor to this one – no longer needed now I have my radial drill)
  • A “printer trolley” (the white tubular frame with melamine shelves just visible in some of the pictures)
  • Some “floor ports” (boxes that can be set into the raised floor of offices to contain network and power connections – I have used a couple of these in the loft)
  • Some structured cabling bits and bobs (used at the top of computer racks to organise the Cat-5 cabling)
Printer table/trolley (back view showing crossbraces)

Printer table/trolley (back view showing crossbraces)

I also need to find a better place to store my daughter’s wigwam play tent (the beige and green thing on the left in the pictures) and the rolled up off-cut of carpet I’ve kept so i can use it to protect my projects during assembly (under the wigwam currently)

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