Amateur Photographer

A few months ago I cancelled my subscription to Amateur Photographer. I enjoyed reading the magazine and the fact that it’s a weekly publication was handy for the commute, but after several years of subscription and other reading on the subject I think I’d learnt pretty much everything I was going to and I was only reading it for the news and reviews, not the other articles and techniques.

(Incidentally if anyone wants about 5 years of almost complete back issues of Amateur Photographer then get in touch! I’ve already donated a dozen of the more recent ones to someone who was sending parcels of magazines to troops overseas, but the rest are free to a good home, assuming we can agree on collection/delivery).

The Woodworker

I’d started thinking perhaps I should subscribe to a woodworking magazine, as that was where my interest was increasingly leaning.

I took out a digital subscription to The Woodworker magazine, primarily to gain access to a review of the SIP 01552 planer-thicknesser I was interested in at the time.

I quite like this magazine and being able to read it on my wife’s iPad is nice, but I find the reviews and articles a little too short and vague for my liking and the iPad client isn’t particularly good and doesn’t seem to allow offline reading.

I’m undecided whether I’ll renew when this years subscription expires.

British Woodworking

British Woodworking Magazine Logo

I also took out a trial subscription to British Woodworking magazine (3 issues for £5).

That trial came to an end a few weeks ago and as I’ve been so impressed I have subscribed properly (£9.25 by direct debit every 6 months).

My only gripe is that as it’s bimonthly I have to wait ages between issues! 🙂

GMC publications

I’m also considering taking out a subscription to one of the publications from the Guild of Master Craftsmen.

I like the look of Woodworking Plans & Projects and Woodturning and I can dream of Furniture & Cabinet Making! 🙂

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2 Responses to Subscriptions

  1. Nick Gibbs says:

    British Woodworking goes to eight issues a year in 2013, and if that works, 10 in 2014, and 12 in 2015. We will see how it goes.

    Nick Gibbs

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