Clutter redistribution

I’m not sure it was the best idea to choose the hottest day of the year so far to do this, but today I’ve mostly been in the garden working on my shed.

Selection of tools outside shed during hasp fitting and bolt relocation

The door was so warped and the shed so badly made that it was possible to pop the bolt out of its socket without unlocking the padlock, simply by leaning the shed over slightly!

The old bolt on my shed

You can see from the next shot that I can insert my little finger past the first joint before touching the end of the bolt – there was really very little of it engaged and play in the locking mechanism made this even worse!

Bolt barely engaged (finger inserted past the first joint)

I’ve upgraded to a hasp, so this trick will no longer work and it also covers the screws (unlike the bolt, which could have been unscrewed from the door had anyone not realised there was an even simpler way of gaining entry!)

New hasp on my shed

I had to add a few small sections of 2″ x 1″ on the inside to give some of the screws something to bite into, but otherwise the changeover was pretty painless.

I’ve relocated the bolt to the bottom of the door so it counteracts the warping.

Shed with bolt moved to bottom of door and hasp installed

When we first bought the house we kept the bikes in there (as the garage was full of boxes from the move!) but the old kitchen cupboards at the back of the shed meant the bikes had to go diagonally across the floor and there wasn’t much room for anything else.

Old kitchen units at back of shed

As the garage emptied of boxes the bikes migrated in there to make them more secure and easier to access, but they take up too much room and get very dusty every time I do anything.

Bikes in their old home by the central heating boiler in the garage

You may remember that I had a tidy up and relocated the Black & Decker tough truck sack truck/trolley from the garage to the shed.

I’ve now removed the kitchen units, saved the work top, doors, drawer fronts and a few bits of hardware (mainly hinges, angles etc) and taken the carcasses to the tip.

Various doors and drawer fronts salvaged from the loft and the shed

With all that gone/flat packed I’ve rearranged various bits and bobs – the floor ports are in a corner:

Floor ports stacked in a corner

Floor ports with top one open to show network and power sockets

The bikes now fit against the side wall under the row of gardening tools and are D-locked together for security:

Bikes in shed after relocation from garage

As the shed is still not massively secure I’ve locked the garden tools to the bikes with a flexible cable a bit like this one attached to one of the D-locks at one end:

Garden tools locked to bikes in shed

… and looped through the handle of the gas cylinder from the barbecue at the other end:

Flexible cable looped through gas cylinder carry handle

If anyone can break into the shed and make off with the 3 adult bikes and one childs bike (which is so heavy I could believe it’s made from cast iron!), the gas cylinder and all the garden tools all at once then I don’t think I’ll stand in their way.

I don’t think Geoff Capes is into burglary though, so I should be ok! πŸ™‚

The garage before:

Single garage workshop full of clutter

With the bikes gone the garage is looking a lot better:

Tidy garage after bikes were moved to shed

I wouldn’t even have been able to make it in far enough to take this photo before the tidy up:

View back down the garage after bikes relocated to shed

I now have more than enough space to take delivery of a bandsaw πŸ™‚

Once I have all the machinery I think I need I can see if my proposed layout will work and fine tune the heights of the various machines and work surfaces to ensure they coexist as well as possible (I hope that I can arrange them in such a way that outfeed from the bandsaw rides over the bench and hopefully there’ll be other tricks like this that I can pull to make the most of the limited space in my single garage workshop).

After all this progress I spent a nice evening at the mother-in-law’s new house with the family eating lasagne and drinking beer πŸ˜€

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