Rebuilding planes – Part 1

Having stripped and de-rusted 3 old planes it is now time to think about any reassembly.

I’ve still not decided whether to leave the “as dipped and scoured” finish or to have a go with some abrasive.

Whichever I decide upon I will wax them afterwards.

Broken handle/tote

First I need to repair the broken handle/tote of the Acorn:

Broken tote of Acorn No. 4 hand plane

I used Evostick weatherproof glue to try to avoid any moisture from my hand affecting the joint

Evostick weatherproof wood glue

I squeezed a few spots on and spread it evenly with one of my disposable glue brushes that was on the way out (being weatherproof the chances of washing it out properly is smaller, but I don’t mind throwing this one away).

My large Irwin quick clamp had just enough latitude in its jaws to grip the tote without squeezing it out like a cherry pip

Acorn No. 4 hand plane tote being glued back together

I wiped the excess off with a damp cloth. As the tote is already finished and is pretty rough, I was less worried about thediluted glue leaving a mark, otherwise I might have left the excess to dry and pared it off with a chisel.

I also wiped a little glue around the crack on the knob in the hope that capiliary action may draw it in, but I fear I’d need to break it open to do a proper job

Acorn No. 4 hand plane knob and tote being glued

Final derusting

The derusting solution lost its kick yesterday and the parts I left in it overnight till weren’t done, so I left it in the “conservatory” (think “knackered lean to greenhouse”!) for a few hours and it’s bubbling away merrily again!

Although effective I don’t think I’ll buy another bottle of this derusting solution.

My dad’s had quite a bit of success following the method described in this post so I think I’ll try that next.

I was at a car boot sale earlier and bought several old rusty tools to use as sacrificial anodes.

The only 12V supply I saw was with some model railway equipment though and in the same way as I took pity on the saws I didn’t feel right about (ab)using it in this way. I’ll probably get a car battery charger from somewhere …

I’ll post again once I’ve decided what to do about abrasives.

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