“Final” machinery ordered

In what will probably be my last machinery purchases for a while I have ordered a bandsaw and a lathe.

These purchases will complete my “minimal” (I know I could have none – I choose not to :)) machinery of:

Backed up by the following ancillary “machines” (not sure they warrant that title):


I’ve decided to go with the Charnwood W730, which I’ve ordered from Homewood in Worthing, who I bought the SIP planer thicknesser from.

As before they will take delivery, check and assemble it, however this time instead of me collecting it they’ll do the onward delivery and assist with the installation.

I already bought a mobile base from Rutlands last time they had a 12% sale so I just need to clear space in the “alcove” between the two sets of wall cupboards.

The W730 has a 1.1kW motor, a cast iron table, a 14″ throat and a 9″ depth of cut, all for about £450 (although apparently the price is going up soon).

I think I’d struggle to get more bandsaw for my money and of the available options I think it’s the best for me.

We’ve not arranged a mutually convenient delivery date yet, but I hope it’ll be in the next couple of weeks.

Update 04/09/2012: Homewood called this afternoon and we’ve arranged delivery on Friday. I can’t wait!


I think a relatively small bench lathe with the option of extending the bed will give me the most flexibility in my small single garage workshop.

I like the idea of a flip top bench where the lathe hangs underneath when not in use, but I’m not sure whether I’ll end up doing this.

I wasn’t planning to buy one for a while, but Axminster reduced the price of the Jet 1220VS, which is the model I’d decided I’d save up for (usually £545.95), together with a starter chuck set (usually £129.95) all for £559.97.

Given the compelling discount I thought I’d eat into existing savings to get it now rather than waiting until I’d saved up and having to spend £100 more.

While I was at it I also ordered the bed extension (I always tend to order any accessories I think I might need up front after having been burnt by stock/discontinuation issues when I actually needed things in the past).

The bed extension is actually all that’s arrived so far. When I ordered I think the lathe was in stock and the chuck wasn’t, then this situation reversed and now I think both are out of stock for another 2 weeks.

I’m not bothered – I only ordered now to “lock in the dicsount” and I’ll wait until I’ve had some training and done a bit more research before buying any turning tools (although these look quite cool!)

Update 19/09/2012: I’ve just received a dispatch notification for the lathe!

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