Bench reconstruction – Part 2

I only got part way through rebuilding the small bench tonight.

As I mentioned in the previous post, one of the stretchers is broken around a barrel nut.

Broken stretcher on smaller workbench

Some pieces of it remained on the leg section, trapped by the barrel nut

Barrel nut with bits of broken stretcher

As both benches are only 83cm high and I’m about 6 foot, I’ll probably build a different base for one or both at some point, so for now I’ve attempted a quick bodge fix using PVA to glue the remaining pieces back in place and fix the surrounding cracks.

Clamps on stretcher

I’ve done similar for the other end of the stretcher which is slightly cracked, although because I didn’t want to make it any worse I’ve probably not forced open the cracks enough to get much glue in.

Clamped stretcher

I positioned the clamps so that I could assemble the three sections of the base while the glue dries.

This is the first time I’ve used the newer set of Draper clamps which I bought a while ago.

I’ve also removed most of the chewing gum and stalagtites of varnish from the underside of the benchtop, so I’ll be ready to go once the glue is dry.

All that remains to be done to the smaller bench is:

  • Clean and grease vice
  • Fix vice to underside of benchtop
  • Fit benchtop to legs
  • Think about how much (if any) resurfacing work to do to the surface

For the larger bench the list is longer:

  • Remove the chewing gum
  • Replace the broken ply end panels
  • Build base
  • Clean and grease vice
  • Fix vice to underside of benchtop
  • Fit benchtop to legs
  • Replace the missing cupboard doors

I’m undecided as yet how to arrange the two benches (or even whether to have both assembled at all).

The larger one might just about fit across the garage doorway with one end in the alcove under the boiler, however this would mean the vice was either inaccessible in the alcove or only usable when the garage door is open (unless I relocate the vice to the “right hand” end of the bench).

I think it’s just a bit too long to fit under the cupboards on the wall due to the internal buttress (the smaller bench would be a good fit there though), but if I can get it to fit there I will.

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