The Sussex home for abandoned tools

The other day I popped into the bric-a-brac shop I bought several planes and saws from.

Nothing much had changed in the tool department, apart from the addition of some lead dressing tools (I also saw a nice Microscope, but that’s another story!) and I only came away with a few odds and ends:

Bric-a-brac booty

  • Coping saw “Millers Falls Tools, Greenfield Mass. No. 43” – 50p

Coping saw - Millers FallsTools No 43

  • Small double ended triangular file with handle – 50p
  • Marking gauge “?R? Sorby Sheffield” – £6

Marking gauge - R Sorby Sheffield

?R? Sorby, Sheffield

?R? Sorby, Sheffield – looks like the stamp bounced or was struck twice

  • Mitre gauge “Picador No. 120” – £2

Picador mitre gauge

Picador mitre gauge bar

I’ve wanted a coping saw for a while and I’m sure the file will come in handy, but the marking and mitre gauges were only bought because they were too nice to be sitting outside in the rain!

There are a couple of wooden planes that I’ve been eyeing for a while, but they’re not in great shape.

I get the feeling they might believe they’re valuable and want silly money (the pricing seems a little hit and miss).

John Moseley & Sons wooden plane

John Moseley & Sons wooden plane

Hearnshaw Bros wooden coffin plane

Hearnshaw Bros wooden coffin plane

I may yet take pity on them, but if else anyone out there wants them I’d be happy to act as go between and post them to you!

I have enough trouble with my iron plane habit without starting another habit! That said I do actually possess one wooden plane:

Wooden plane found in a layby

I found this in a secluded layby on the cyclepath from my old house to my old office about 5 years ago.

The layby was often used for fly-tipping and one day I spotted this with nothing else around it, so I think it had probably been missed when the council last cleared up.

It looks rather home made to me, with the saw cuts visible from cutting the mouth.

The only mark is “EAB” (it looks a bit like “EAR” on the end and “FAB” on the side!) stamped on the end and side, which I assume is the initials of the owner (and possibly maker).

Wooden plane - EAB

Wooden plane - EAB

It seems to be for moulding a small semicircular detail onto the edge of a piece of wood.

The wedge is missing and the blade is extremely rusty.

I’d forgotten I had it until I wrote about the wooden planes above, but now the blade is soaking in the bucket of derusting fluid I made up for the previous purchases.

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6 Responses to The Sussex home for abandoned tools

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  5. Jessica Horn says:

    Do you still have the Picador No120?
    I’d love to give it a good home, mine has given up the ghost after being dropped one too many times!!

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