Unwanted guests

I noticed some small piles of dust on some of the timber in my wood storage a while ago:

Suspicious dust piles

I had hoped it was just mortar dust or something from the brick wall, so I blew it away and watched for any return that might signify unwanted guests

I’ve now noticed more piles of dust, so I did some investigation:

Wood storage

It looks like I have a bit of an infestation in one of the pieces of oak I bought as an offcut from Wenban Smith a while back:

Infested oak

All the activity seems to be in a very light coloured section of the oak.

I’ve moved the offending piece of oak and hope that’s the only piece with guests …

Coincidentally I’d just read an article on Common Furniture Beetles in Good Woodworking

It looks like Boron Ultra 12 may be the solution, but I’m not sure whether it will result in any staining of the wood, so I’ll need to do a bit more research.

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