Yet more clamps!

On Monday I ordered some clamps which were on special offer from Rutlands.

The deal consists of ten 6″ G clamps and six 54″ sash clamps

In Rutlands perpetual sales, these two packs normally cost £59.95 and £69.95 respectively, but the bundle is £99.95 (saving a “real” £29.95, as opposed to the “notional” £139.95 Rutlands claim).

The clamps arrived the following day (I’ve never had any problems with Rutlands when the item is listed as in stock – only when “out of stock” means “wait several months” …)

Rutlands G clamp

I’ve not really got anywhere to put them at the moment (my other clamps are strewn on my smaller workbench), so as as they’re nicely packed in oil and plastic I’ll leave them alone until I either need them or build a clamp rack.

The special offer is copied here as I’m sure once the offer ends the Rutlands links will break:

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