Projects – Bench drill base – Part 1

I’ve been thinking for a while about building a base for my bench radial drill.

It currently lives on one of my folding workbenches, but I have my doubts about their stability under such a weight (40kg plus any table, drill vice and material).

Bench radial drill on folding workbench

I’ve not bolted the drill down yet, as issues with the workbench wobbling and concerns about how to fix the plain top to the workbench put me off making it a permanent arrangement.

I thought building a plywood base on castors would be the answer but I’m now wondering whether I should use the metal shelving/rack that my free metalwork vice came attached to.

Metalworking vice and metal stand in my garage

The rack is about 11cm taller than the folding workbench which would mean the drill was at a more comfortable height.

It’s built from fairly thick steel angle, with thinner steel side & back panels.

The top is some fairly rough plywood and there’s a chipboard shelf underneath.

Future bench radial drill stand?

It seems fairly sturdy and stable, so I think if I replaced the top with a double thickness of 19mm ply it should be strong enough to take the weight of the drill.

Depending on how I bolted the drill down I suppose I may need some blocks of timber underneath the ply for the bolts to bite into, but I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.

I think the biggest question would be which way to orientate the drill on the base.

I’ve always imagined a “narrow but deep” base, possibly on wheels, but given the rack is “wide and shallow” I’d either have to rethink the orientation or accept the shelf only being accessible from the side.

I suppose mounting the whole rack on my spare mobile base (purchased at the same time as the one for my bandsaw) would be a possibility if I can level it properly.

Lots to think about …

Of course I may just build a plywood base, leave the vice on the stand and use it as a sharpening station with my Tormek on the other side!

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