Even more clamps!

This week I’ve taken advantage of the Axminster special offers again.

Part of my order was some more clamps.

The uninitiated amongst you might be forgiven for thinking I’ve got enough (or even too many) clamps, but that’s because you don’t realise one can never have too many clamps!

I have very little replication in my clamp “collection”:

To (almost) complete my collection I bought two sets of five special clamps/cramps:

Deep throat G cramp and Edging cramp

I chose the larger of the two deep throat cramp options (75mm capacity, 120mm throat), reasoning that I should get the deepest throat available. They were reduced from £27.48 to £20.60.

The edging cramps were reduced from £30.48 to £22.86 and will come in handy for the plywood top of the bench drill base, which I intend to edge with some hardwood.

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2 Responses to Even more clamps!

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  2. You can never have too many clamps…

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