Plane catch-up

I realised I’ve not posted about a number of acquisitions in the plane department which I’ve made over the last few months:

As there’s little prospect of me using them in the immediate future I’ve left them all in their packaging. It’s pointless them gathering rust before I’ve even had the chance to use them!

Qiangsheng No. 7

I bought this in July during one of Rutlands sales, where there was an additional 12% off their “perpetual sale” prices.

Unlike the bulk of my plane “collection” it’s a Bedrock pattern, rather than a Bailey, but as I’ve yet to use it I’ve not formed an opinion on this.

Qiangsheng block rebate

I bought the Qiangsheng block rebate plane in July when I was trying to think minimally – I had a couple of applications for a rebate plane and thought perhaps this model would tick all three boxes I was thinking of:

  • Block plane
  • Low angle block plane
  • Rebate plane

If I was choosing again I might go for the Workshop heaven version with 3 blades, although even their current sale price with a single blade is £12 more than the Rutlands (“Dakota” branded) price.

Qiangsheng No.1 and block rebate boxes

Qiangsheng No.1 and block rebate boxes

Qiangsheng No. 1 and block rebate

Qiangsheng No. 1 and block rebate

Qiangsheng No. 1

I bought this a few days ago from Workshop Heaven having seen various mentions of the limited production run.

I’ve been on the look out for a really small plane that my 5 year old daughter could use comfortably, so I thought I’d better jump in quick.

It’s so beautiful it will probably become an ornament if she doesn’t end up using it much!

Axminster 3 in 1 shoulder/bull-nose/chisel

I’ve not actually received this yet, as it’s on about 4 week delivery at the moment, but I thought I’d take advantage of the slight reduction in price.

Veritas miniatures

This set of 3 includes:

  • Veritas miniature shoulder plane
  • Veritas miniature router plane
  • Veritas miniature edge plane

DSC01447DSC01450 DSC01449 DSC01448
This was somewhat of an impulse buy while they were reduced from £127.86

Each plane comes in a little hinged case and like the No. 1 they could almost be ornaments

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3 Responses to Plane catch-up

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  2. John says:

    Hi Olly,

    Yes I got the feeling the WSH versions would at least have better quality control and this might be something I’d be prepared to spend another 10-20% on but I think there’s also a likelihood of diminishing returns and half price Dakota is unlikely to be half as good as the WSH equivalent (I hope!)

    I’m not expecting any more planes for Christmas (unless my Dad pulls off a coup!) but part of the Axminster order which included the mini planes has been bought off my by my wife with the intention of giving it back tomorrow!

    I’m looking forward to a selection of straight and curved cabinet scrapers, a tri burnisher and a leather scraper wallet from my lovely wife. The mini planes are a present from me to myself 😀


  3. Well, I know it’s been wet outside, John, but it really didn’t take much for you to slide down these slopes now, did it!! 😉

    I know that Matthew at Workshop Heaven has revised the design of several Quangsheng planes (including the rebating block) at least once. I have a Qiangsheng/Dakota and its screw thread is very coarse. Apparently, the newer editions from WH feature a finer thread that’s more pleasing to woodworkers used to working with high-end tools.

    I’m afraid to ask but, are you expecting any more for Christmas?! 😀

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