Blog stats – 2012

11 months to the day since I first posted I’ve passed the 10,000 views mark.

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun
16 151 257 724 525 504
Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Total
606 1,275 1,612 1,399 1,530 1,630 10,229

I’ve published 95 posts (including this one) and 5 pages.

(Above data updated 1/1/2013 with final stats for 2012)

Recently the WordPress site stats have started including details of the unique visitor numbers in the daily stats (so I only have this level of detail since the 3rd of December) but it seems that on average a user views 2 or 3 pages per visit.

Between WordPress, Twitter and Facebook I have around 50 followers, so I guess I have reached somewhere between 50 and 3,000 (10k views divided by 3 views per user) unique viewers across 88 different countries.

Geographic stats 2012

There have been 63 comments (32 excluding my own) and 1,317 attempted spam comments, so fairly high noise to signal ratio …

Top pages/posts

Aside from the home page, the 10 most popular posts and pages are:

Wolfcraft mastercut 1000 folding power tool table 998
Review – SIP 01552 planer thicknesser – first impressions 824
Review – Microclene MC760 air filter – First impressions 307
Poll – Bandsaw choices 251
Review – Axminster AWBRD550 Bench Radial Drill – First impressions 233
Projects – Router table – Part 1 217
Zero clearance 197
Tools 194
Upgrading the Microclene MC760 176
Building a plain table top for my folding workbench 139

Top search topics

I’m most interested in why people are landing here – I’d say well over 90% of my hits come from google searches and it’s interesting to see what those people have searched for:

Wolfcraft/mastercut 1000 516
SIP 01552/planer thicknesser 402
Microclene MC760 111
AWBRD550/bench radial drill 71
Charnwood W730/bandsaw 61
Tormek T7 61
Router lift 56
Stanley Bailey/Acorn/hand plane 52
Draper 45368 44
Numatic NVD750 42

I know from when I was researching some of the above purchases that there was a dearth of information on them, so I’ll use this information to decide which topics to revisit in 2012.


I started this blog because I work in the internet industry and was interested to know what all the fuss about blogging was about. I figured a subject that was interesting to me would mean I kept up the posting rather than stopping after a couple of “hello world” posts.

I didn’t expect to be anything other than the background noise of the internet and had no illusions about becoming a millionaire off the back of my efforts! (This is just as well, as my Amazon associates account has gained a heady £7 credit in 2012 and will only pay out if/when it reaches £25 🙂 )

There is a lot of useful information on the internet, much of which is provided free of charge by members of the internet community. I think community (both “real” and online) is very important and I would like to give something back in the hope of helping others in the way I have been helped myself.

From my limited experience, blogging seems rather a one way street – content is created and published and people read it, but there is very little feedback.

To give an example a lot of people have read my posts on the Wolfcraft Mastercut 1000 and SIP 01552 planer thicknesser, but I really have no idea whether they contained the information they were looking for, or indeed were remotely useful to anyone other than the one person who commented on each.

I welcome feedback (negative as well as positive) and questions and will try to help with any queries related to any of my posts or tools if I can.

Hopefully next year I’ll blog more about actually doing stuff rather than just buying stuff … 🙂

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