Projects – Bench drill base – Part 3

Happy New Year!

Today I’ve made my first miniscule progress of 2013 and glued together the two pieces of 18mm birch plywood that I cut to size in Part 2

I’ve been putting it off for a while, as the workshop has been really cold and I didn’t think it would do wonders for the glue, but today has been fairly mild and hopefully that will continue overnight.

Two pieces of 18mm birch ply clamped and weighed down after glueing

As well as the clamps all round the outside, I’ve weighed down the center with my granite surface plate, a box of large g-clamps and my air filter, so it’ll hopefully be a fairly good bond (not that it particularly matters).

Once it’s set I have some coach bolts to fix the ply top to the meccano like metal stand which came attached to my free metalwork vice.

It would be nice to use the drill press for the holes required, but I’ll probably drill them freehand, as without a larger table for my drill I’ll struggle to balance this big lump of ply (and even if I had a larger table I couldn’t use it as it’s not very stable or even fixed down).

I’m still thinking of edging the ply with some hardwood, but I don’t have any offcuts that are immediately suitable, although I may rip one down.

There’s too much stuff in the workshop and it’s not very tidy at the moment, so the plan is to finish off this stand, move the bench radial drill onto it and free up the space currently used by the drill on one of my folding workbenches.

Bench radial drill on folding workbench

The various power tools and the workmate toolbox under the folding bench will fit nicely under the drill stand.

The eventual home for the drill will be in the corner behind the fridge in the above photo, but this depends on the fridge being re-homed, which in turn depends on some pretty major kitchen alterations (probably a complete redesign involving knocking down walls).

That’s not going to happen soon, so for now it’ll remain where it is by the garage door (under the large white cardboard box in the photo below):

Even more cramped workshop with new vice and stand

With the drill finally bolted down to a nice stable base and slightly more room to swing a cat I’ll hopefully be able to get moving on another couple of projects I have in mind, including a larger table for the drill press …

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