Review – Axion Drill Driver & Combi Driver

I bought a package consisting of the Axion drill driver and torch kit and the Axion combi drill from Axminster in February for £149.96.

(Axminster don’t do the package any more, but the link to where it used to be is here. The combined price of the above two drill kits is now £129.90 and there’s one more battery in the combi drill package than I got, which goes to show prices are falling).

I previously had Ni-Cad and Ni-Mh cordless drill drivers before, but their batteries had degraded to the point of being useless.

I liked having two drills, as it meant I could have a drill in one and a screwdriver bit in the other, and I was used to having multiple batteries so I could be charging one while I used another, but it seemed impossible for under £300 with any half decent brand.

Axion bag and case

Included in the package was:

  • Axion 10.8V drill driver
  • Axion 18V combi drill
  • Axion 10.8V torch
  • Two 10.8V Li-Ion batteries
  • Two 18V Li-Ion batteries (the package linked above has 3 now)

I’ve been quite impressed so far.

Axion 10.8V drill driver and torch

The smaller drill driver has 2 speeds and 17 torque settings, plus a drill setting.

The torch and the drill take the same battery size.

Axion 10.8V batteries

Axion 18V combi drill kit

The larger combi drill has 2 speeds, a hammer setting, a screwdriver setting with 15 torque settings and a drill setting.

Axion 18V combi drill torque settings

It comes with a side handle which can be screwed on either side

Axion 18V combi drill with side handle

I don’t think either drill is particularly precision-made and there is a small “kick” once per revolution when drilling with the combi drill.

Battery indicator - 80%

The batteries have held their charge without any noticeable self discharge and are recharged quickly by the supplied chargers.

Battery indicator - 100%

They’re not the best made power tools I’ve ever owned, but in terms of bang for my buck they’re hard to beat, so I’m willing to put up with quite a lot.

Things I like:

  • Lots of kit and Li-Ion batteries for a low price
  • Battery indicator on 18V combi drill
  • Side handle

Thinks I don’t like:

  • No battery indicator on 10.8V drill driver
  • 18V combi drill chuck “kicks” slightly
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2 Responses to Review – Axion Drill Driver & Combi Driver

  1. Lawrence says:

    Hi I have the 10.8 drill driver but one of the battery’s has died and I can’t find anywhere that does replacements could you advise?

    • John says:

      Hi Lawrence,

      I’m afraid I don’t know, but it’s probably worth a call to Axminster.

      They had a clearance sale of their remaining stock of spare batteries, but by the time I saw it they only had the batteries for my larger drill.


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