A bit more space

Yesterday I sold my old drill stand, drill vice and a tool for removing car oil filters on a local selling group on Facebook for £20.

This means despite my purchase of a hand drill, I was £17 up on the day! 🙂

Drill stand and drill vice

I’ve also finally got rid of my printer trolley so there’s another couple of square foot of floor space in the workshop now!

Printer table/trolley (back view showing crossbraces)

The trolley was given to someone who wanted some shelves in the shed for her husband to keep his tools on, so it’s gone to a good home 🙂

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3 Responses to A bit more space

  1. Local selling groups on Facebook? Tell me more! 🙂

    • John says:

      Hi Olly,

      They seem fairly common in Kent and Sussex, run by volunteers and usually with similar rules.

      Some are general “stuff for sale in Sussex” groups but there are various specialised ones for (amongst other things) tools and children’s toys.

      People list an item and a price and usually the first person to respond gets the item (or has first dibs while they ask for more info).

      Facebook isn’t an ideal tool for e-commerce and the admins seem to have their work cut out at times, but the local nature of the group makes them more useful for lower value or less portable items that would be a pain to list on eBay.


      • I think it’s worth looking in to. I certainly have lots of little items in the home that I’d like to offload. Sometimes, even using Freecycle can feel like a chore when you have a number of items to go.

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