Delivery day roundup

I’ve had 3 deliveries since the 15th: one from Machine-DRO (Allendale Electronics) and two from Axminster.


I’d never heard of this company until I saw a link in a post on the Woodworkers Institute forums.

So far I’m impressed – I received everything the day after I ordered,  they sell Moore & Wright (which Axminster don’t) and they were cheaper than Axminster for the rest.

  • Moore & Wright combination square
  • Moore & Wright vernier calipers

Moore & Wright stuff

I’ve been thinking for some time that it would be nice to have a combination square set that doesn’t flap about or set to a different “right angle” every time you touch it.

I’ve always liked the feel of all the second hand Moore & Wright kit that I’ve picked up at car boot sales, so they were an obvious choice.

I think I binned my old vernier calipers after they became extremely rusty and seized up. This new one isn’t particularly flashy (they’re not digital or anything), but they’re stainless, which should prevent a recurrence of that fate 🙂

  • Dial indicator gauge
  • Dial test indicator
  • Magnetic base

Measuring kit

I’d like to do some more accurate measurements of my planer-thicknesser and at some point I want to play about seeing how accurate my pillar drill and lathe are.

These “own brand” items were £8.29 cheaper than the Axminster equivalents (this was less than the shipping cost, but I was going to have to pay that for the Moore & Wright stuff anyway as Axminster don’t sell them).

Axminster – part 1

Axminster reduced the price of the Kreg Master System to £94.96, which tipped me over the edge.

Kreg master system

Dry lube and reducer

These two are for my planer-thicknesser.

The dry lubricant will hopefully keep the thicknesser bed mechanism lubricated without attracting dust and chippings.

I’ve not yet decided how I’m going to join the 63mm part of the reducer to the 63mm outlet on the dust hood.

Fence tilted back and planer guard slid out

The obvious choice would be to cut a short length of the flexible hose that links the hood and the inlet of the (totally inefficient) inbuilt extraction of the planer-thicknesser, but that would mean the hose would never reach the inlet again as it’s a bit of a stretch already.

Trend stuff and Veritas saw

I’ve been meaning to get one of these for a while.

Axminster part 2

When I made the above order there seemed to be an issue with Axminster’s website that meant I was unable to view any of the other Kreg items. I assumed that was because they were now out of stock, but the next day I was able to view them again, so I made a second order.

I felt a bit guilty dragging the poor FedEx driver back down my road in the snow again, so I cleared the snow and ice off the road outside my house and my neighbours either side!

Kreg screw kit

Kreg right angle clamps

Trend stuff and Veritas saw

I figure I may want to plug some of the holes myself, or get a plug cutting set, so I’m sure a flush cutting saw will come in handy.

Roundup of other stuff

While I’m updating about purchases I may as well mention a couple of things I bought a while ago and forgot to mention:

Veritas jointer fence

I got this around the same time as my Qiangsheng No. 7.

As I’ve not unwrapped the plane yet (there’s no point risking rust if I don’t need to use it yet) I’ve also not unwrapped the fence.

Trend stuff and Veritas saw

Various gizmos - metal detector, moisture meter, magnetiser/demagnetiser

I’d like to be able to use reclaimed timber, maybe even old palets (I have two small ones from Axminster deliveries for a start), so a metal detector will come in handy.

I don’t expect the moisture meter to be massively accurate, but hopefully it’ll at least give me an idea of whether the timber is drier than when I got it.

As I’ve mentioned before I’m a bit paranoid about magnetised tools because of my background in computers, so I figured a demagnetiser would be useful (or at least put my mind at rest should I ever feel compelled to take a chisel to a computer 😉 )

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3 Responses to Delivery day roundup

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  2. I’ve had one of those Trend Depth Gauges since I first started. Absolutely brilliant! You can use it for setting saw blades and all sorts, as well as router cutters. The only thing I’ve found is that manually turning a cutter by hand has, over time, worn a very slight ‘hollow’ on the end of the ruler. Not that it causes any trouble.

  3. paul says:

    buy a digital vernier – for sub-15£, well worth it – if only to set your mind at rest about mechanical measures. Floating around in my workshop is a mag-demag for wiping floppies securely – I’ll keep it to one side for you
    If possible, scavenge new pallets – not painted ones – the blue painted ones are well constructed (bad news for dis-assembly) and the paint hides nails

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