SIP 01552 dust extraction

As I mentioned when I reviewed it initially, the inbuilt extraction on my SIP 01552 is useless.

SIP 01552 in thicknesser mode

(I’ve since checked and the blades of the fan do spin, they just don’t seem to move the air enough to even suck a paper towel against the inlet!)

SIP 01552 impeller

SIP 01552 impeller/fan inlet with hood removed

SIP 01552 impeller

SIP 01552 impeller/fan outlet with hose removed

I was already planning to buy the Axminster/Numatic NVD750 when I got the SIP, so I wasn’t too bothered.

I had intended to use a step down adaptor to link the 63mm flexible hose that came with the SIP to the 100mm hose of the Numatic, but when I bought the 100mm to 63mm adaptor the other day, I realised that would either involve cutting the hose or look weird.

Dry lube and reducer

To give myself some options I’ve bought a 63mm pipe joiner from Axminster to link the end of the step down adaptor to the dust collection hood.

Linking 100mm hose to SIP 01552

I think this should work ok on a push fit for now, but there’s a slight “cherry pip” effect that squeezes both the step down adaptor and the hood out of the pipe joiner, so I may need to stick them together with duct tape …

Update 17/03/2013:

Extraction with the NVD 750 now works really well, but as expected the hood and the pipe joiner come apart very easily due to the weight of the 100mm hose.

For now I’ve got round this by taking the weight of the hose on a pile of boxes, but I think longer term I’ll bite the bullet and glue the hood, joiner and step down adaptor together permanently.

SIP 01552 - thicknesser mode

I had a couple of carrier bags full of shavings when I emptied the NVD 750:

NVD 750 with shavings

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