Tidying up my Sorby Marking Gauge

I had some minor surgery on Friday so I’ve not been up to much this weekend, other than thinking about various projects and tidying up a Sorby marking gauge I bought a while ago from a local bric-a-brac shop.

Marking gauge - R Sorby Sheffield

Today I tidied it up a bit with one of my Garryflex abrasive rubbers that I got from Axminster.

Closeup of stamp on Sorby marking gauge

I used the finest one (Brown and about 240 grit), so I’ve not made much difference to the wood yet, but the brass has come up quite nicely apart from a couple of the deeper gouges.

Sorby marking gauge in pieces

I’ll do a better job at some point when I get round to stripping and sanding my plane knobs and totes/handles.

Sorby marking gauge reassembled

I also tidied up my bench a little bit to hopefully give me a clear run at the various projects I hope to get moving on next weekend.

Tidier bench

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