Three more deliveries

Over the last few days I’ve received three deliveries:


Veritas straight edge and mini block plane


(My first order, having seen them highly recommended on UKWorkshop forums I received such amazing service I’ll definitely be back – ordered before 1pm, shipped before 4pm and delivered about 7:30am the next day by Royal Mail)

Wealden router bits

The spiral up-cut is intended for use in a router table (if/when I ever get round to it) as a quick and dirty planer.

The up/down shear trim is such a good idea that I had to have it! There is a bearing top and bottom and the top and bottom of the blades are angled different ways, so that it is always pushing down on both faces of the board being cut.

The 5, 6 and 10mm bits are intended for cutting slots in the perspex

Tuff Saws

TuffSaw bandsaw blades

As usual I’ve tried to get a selection of blades that will cover most foreseeable eventualities.

Ian at TuffSaws was very helpful and suggested suitable blades based on my list of possible tasks.

I’ll hopefully have a play with some scrap wood later …

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