Special Delivery

A while ago Olly was selling some of his unwanted tools, so I bought his Hitachi C9U2 circular saw, complete with various blades and spares for a very fair £90.

I’ve been lusting after various Hitachi saws for a while in my local tool shop as I’ve always been impressed by the cast bases and keep hearing good things about their build quality, so then this came up for £40 less than the new price on Screwfix I had to have it.

My Dad agreed to collect it for me rather than having to stump up extra for a courier and bring it when they next visited us.

Then I noticed that Yandles were selling my router, the Draper Expert 45368 for only £99.99.

Draper 45368 router

I’ve been thinking for a while that I’d like a second router and I’m very happy with my Draper, so as my parents both like a trip to Yandles, Dad agreed to go and get me another one.

He also got one for himself while he was there, which took their stock down by 33% (it looks like they’ve completely run out now, so they must have sold the other 4).

Today my parents finally visited and I have both my new toys and a lot less space in the workshop!

Hitachi C9U2 and Draper 45368

Dad’s been moaning for some time about the boot of his car being full of my tools but now I see what he means – the Hitachi is HUGE!

I’d only ever seen C7U2 in the flesh and I wasn’t prepared for how big this thing is – it’s a monster 🙂

Hitachi C9U2 and Bosch PKS 46

Hitachi C9U2 (bottom) with Bosch PKS 46 (top) for comparison

The above photo gives an impression of the scale.

I shouldn’t be surprised – the Hitachi’s depth of cut is twice that of the Bosch – and I’m certainly not disappointed.

I’ve been caught out half way through projects in the past by a lack of the right tool and I think I’m finally getting to the point where I’m equipped for most eventualities.

I’m going to have to figure out the answer to the lack of space in the workshop now though …

At the moment even if I can lay my hand on the power tool I want, it’s often in a stack of other tools in their carry cases, as this old photo shows:

Power tools stacked in front of MDF leaning on shelves

I think the answer is shelves or pigeon holes for the cases, so I don’t have to unstack and restack all the time.

Alternatively I could remove all the tools from their cases, which might also allow me to use pigeon holes for the tools – albeit hopefully a bit smaller – but would also leave me with the question of what to do with all the cases.

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5 Responses to Special Delivery

  1. Hi

    I struggled with how to store my power tools a while back. The cases are nice but take up so much room, and are never the same shape or size so don’t stack well. What I ended up doing was taking the tools out onto shelves and storing their accessories with them, and putting the empty cases in an out of the way spot for three months. After three months I decided I wasn’t going to use them so binned the lot.


    • John says:

      Thanks Andrew,

      I think given the 8 x 16 foot space available I will end up getting rid of the cases, or at least storing them in the shed or loft.

      I’ve been thinking for a while about a larger shed so I can get the ladders and other stuff out of the garage, but maybe the answer is to build a workshop in the back garden!


  2. “Dad’s been moaning for some time about the boot of his car being full of my tools but now I see what he means – the Hitachi is HUGE!”

    Well I did tell him and he knows how much his mother ‘needs’ lots of space when she’s going away for four whole days.

    Now I’ve seen ‘the collection’ for myself I’m joining Robert in eager anticipation of “the one real project…”. but he’ll get there I’m sure. Always remember, John, that your grandad is watching, not just me.

    Must be fair, though, he has done a few!

  3. Robert Kiessling says:

    Do I get that right … because one the one project you’ve tried before you had a slightly suboptimal tools, you now buy two routers so that in case one the one real project you might possibly try in the next year you need one you have a backup if it fails…

    • John says:

      Hi Robert,

      The statement was more about the new saw with a nice deep 80mm depth of cut than the second router 🙂

      The reason for the second router is I’d like to mount one in a table semi permanently (I don’t think the clamp ideas I’m coming up with will be particularly quick release …)


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