Clearing the decks

I’ve had a few hours in the workshop over the last few days and I’ve been focussing on tidying up ready for any opportunity I get to spend a bit longer out there.

I found a home for the Hitachi circular saw under my bench for now:

Bench with Hitachi saw underneath

The clear plastic boxes which had lived in that space are now on top of a stack of boxes behind the fridge freezer:

Boxes behind planer thicknesser

My toolbox now lives in front of the bandsaw when that’s not in use:

Bandsaw and drill press

To get the stool I was given when I bought the benches out of the way I’ve up-ended it and it makes a useful rack for F-clamps and hoses from the vacuum:

Drill press and stack of stuff

I’ve moved the Tormek to the smaller bench:

Door end of the garage

The vacuum still lives under the smaller bench:

Tormek on smaller bench

I’ve stored all my G-cramps, edge cramps and quick clamps in a wooden box on castors which fits nicely behind the vacuum:

Vacuum with clamps behind

The ply and various bits of MDF and veneered MDF are still leant up against the wall of the garage in front of the ladder that’s fixed to the wall behind it:

Ply and MDF storage

The little bubble-wrapped parcel at the bottom left of the above photo is what I’m currently procrastinating about!

It contains a variety of thicknesses of Lexan, some of which I plan to use for a circle cutting base for my router.

This will enable me to cut the semi circular holes to clamp my router in the router table I’m planning and hopefully unblock my progress on that and other projects …

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6 Responses to Clearing the decks

  1. Art Watson says:

    Clearly we HAVE to organize; it’s the only way to fit MORE stuff in our Man Caves! Excellent work John!

  2. I always find it important to set some time aside to organise the workshop. Glad you found a home for the circular saw! 🙂

    • John says:

      Hi Olly,

      To be honest I’m pretty anxious about cutting the perspex/Lexan for the circle cutting base so I was glad of the excuse to do something else!

      “The beast” fits nicely under the bench next to the other circular saw, a jigsaw and my sanders.

      Once I get the ladder, the fridge and the pile of boxes behind the fridge out of the garage I’ll think about building some pigeon holes for them all and put the cases up in the loft.


  3. billlattpa says:

    I spent about 3 hours on Saturday night reorganizing my shop and I’m happy that I did.

    • John says:

      Hi Bill,

      Yes I saw you’d been doing the same when I came out of the workshop, sat down to upload the photos and caught up on the blogs I follow 🙂

      There’s still some way to go – I’d love to build a simple wall rack for all my sash clamps, but I don’t have any wall space with a sufficient drop for the longer ones (which is most of them!)


      • billlattpa says:

        Funny you mention that because I managed to get everything where I wanted it except my F Style clamps. I was planning on making a small wall mount rack and simply ran out of time. Hopefully next weekend.

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