Projects – Router table – Part 3

Continued from Part 2.

Now I have a circle cutting base for my router I no longer have any excuse for inactivity on this project!

I chose a nice thick pine board and marked the center point for the circle on it, then drilled all the way through so I could cut from both sides and avoid wasting a sacrificial layer of ply/MDF:

Drilling center hole

Drilling center hole

I wanted the rest of the board attached to give weight and support while I cut the hole, so I had to clamp the board to the table of my drill press to stop it toppling.

I reckon the diameter of the router body is about 90mm, so I figured out after a couple of false starts that the combination of the 4th hole in my circle cutting base and my 10mm router bit would give me a hole with roughly that interior dimension.

Offering up

Offering up

Having cut several times at different plunge depths I flipped the board over and cut from the other side.

Circle partially cut

Circle partially cut

Once again I got lucky with the final cut and there was no wander of the router as the circular waste was cut free.

The hole needs a bit of tidying up but seems about the right size for the body of the router.

I’ll need to cut out a notch for the rack used to fine tune the depth of cut in the fixed router base.

Looking good so far

Looking good so far

Buoyed by my success I cut another hole.

The plan is to have a clamp top and bottom of the cylindrical section of the router, but if that doesn’t work out I can always stick the two together to give one thick clamp.

Second hole cut

Second hole cut

I stuck both holes together with double sided tape while I cleaned them up and cut them in half to form the two sides of the clamp.

The router sucks in air from vents in the blue motor housing and blows it out by the cutter, so I’ve cut a bit of stock to fit between the inlets over the Draper logo.

This will be fixed to the structure around the router body and also the top of the car jack which will be used to lift the router through the table.

Mock up

Mock up

I’ll leave the holes stuck together until I’ve tidied up their inside faces and drilled the holes for the clamping bolts.

I think I’ll probably use bolts both sides of the clamp rather than a hinge on one side like the one in the book which inspired me, but I might pick up some hinges when I go bolt shopping in case I change my mind 🙂

I was planning to make a square tube around the clamps which would then ride up and down inside a larger square tube fixed under the table.

I’m now wondering whether it might be simpler to just have a piece of MDF linking the clamp halves on each side and dispense with the other two sides of the inner box.

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