Projects – Router table – Part 4

Continued from Part 3.

I reckon I’ll need about a 14cm bolt to hold the two halves of the clamp together around the router, so I went to Wickes after dinner and bought a selection of threaded rod, some self locking nuts & some M10 coach bolts to give me some options.

They didn’t seem to have anything longer than 10cm in M6 or M8, which rather exposes the fact that at 2cm thick I’ve made the sides of the clamps much too small!

I pressed on regardless, drilling the holes in one half with a 10mm forstner bit:

Drilled clamps

I then used my dowel centers to mark the centers on the other half of the clamp, using the table and fence of my bandsaw to keep things level and aligned as much as possible:

Clamp with dowel centers

I then checked the alignment with two of the threaded rods.

They slide through without catching, so the alignment must be pretty much bang on.

Clamp with threaded rods

I find things rarely go smoothly when I wing it like this (in fact I often find myself having to confront the uncomfortable fact that I am a buffoon!), so I was fully expecting the two holes to meet at an angle, or punch out of the side of the clamp, but miraculously it all seems to have worked rather well!

Clamp with threaded rods

I had originally intended to cut recesses for the nuts (and bolts if I used them), so that they could sit flush with the outer surface of the clamp and simplify mounting the router in the table.

Clamp with nut

You can see in the photo below that the holes are really rather to close to the edges of the clamp to do that successfully (buffoon!), so I started thinking about how to recover the situation without starting again with bigger clamps (and probably some hard wood instead of this pine).

Clamp with nut

I think the answer is to go back to my original plan of a 4 sided square(ish) section tube around the router sliding in another square tube.

Having a ply or MDF side to the right of the nut in the above photo as well as on the face with the hole in it will hopefully sufficiently reinforce the clamp and prevent it splitting.

I’m hoping to have a bit of time over the next couple of days to make some more progress on this.

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3 Responses to Projects – Router table – Part 4

  1. Art Watson says:

    Buffoon! is not at all a good description: I should think “Designer!” or “Inventor!” or “Engineer!” would be more defining. The most important is probably “Problem Solver!”

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